Are you someone who loves watching Comic Book Movies?  How about collecting famous movie figures? Have you been to a restaurant with a gallery of movie memorabilia?

I have heard of people collecting movie memorabilia. However, I have always wondered what collectors do with their collections, like doll collections, shoe collections, money collections, stamp collections, etc.  I have never been to a collector’s gallery nor have I seen a collection of those things in person until today.  However, the gallery and collection I had seen today is something unique.

Why? Because it is a restaurant. Yes, it is an Italian restaurant.  It is located right behind where we live.

When we moved to Gyeongsan a couple of months ago, one of the first things I noticed was the big, nice looking, three-story building across the stream from our new place.  One evening, while taking a stroll with my husband, I happened to look up to the second floor of the building and I noticed some heads sticking on the wall of the building.  I thought it was kind of weird for a restaurant to have those figures.

After months of wondering what it looks like inside that restaurant across the stream, we finally decided to go and eat at CW Gallery Restaurant.

As soon as we entered, a service crew welcomed us with a smile and led us to an empty table next to the window.  However, my attention was divided into what he was saying and the figures inside the room.  There were a lot of them.  Iron Man, Minions, Doraemon, Super Mario and many more.  Not to mention those heads sticking on the wall which include Scarface, Captain America, Iron Man and three others I’m not sure who.  There was also a full-size Spider Man behind my seat.

It was kind of weird yet interesting to be sitting in a restaurant surrounded by figures I have only seen in movies.

After looking at the menu, Vince and I decided to get the couple menu which includes a steak, pilaf, soup and soft drinks.

While waiting for our order, I decided to snap some photos of the figures.  I do not usually walk around the restaurant just to take photos but CW Gallery Restaurant is an exception.

Then our orders arrived….

They looked so good!

And they tasted so good too!

We really enjoyed our meal.

After we finished eating and payed our bill, we headed to the other dining area where we saw more figures, including two full size Stormtroopers and Darth Vader.

Just checking if Darth Vader can see me.

We then moved to the third floor which is supposed to be a Movie Gallery.  I thought we were gonna see some CDs or DVDs but No!

The first thing I saw was a shelf by the hallway full of authentic Michael Jordan collectibles. By the Gallery door next to the counter, a full size young Anakin Skywalker was standing just like in the movie.

After paying for the admission fee, we went in to look at the figures. The ones displayed on the shelf by the hallway leading to the main gallery were all authentic small size figures from various famous movies, such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and many more.

There were like thirty or more figures.

When we entered the room, I was so surprised at how big the restaurant owner’s figure collection is.  It is HUGE!  The figures vary in size from small to full size.  I wondered how much he spent to buy all those authentic collectible figures.

Of all the cool figures in the room, there was something that I loved to see.  That figure is so cool and made me proud to be a Filipino.  That figure is MANNY PACQUIAO!  The Pacquiao collection includes a bust of Sir Manny, autographed boxing shorts, left-hand glove and a pair of shoes.  The owner must be Sir Manny’s fan. 🙂

Though I did not recognize most of the figures, I did enjoy looking at them.

This restaurant is perfect for all kinds of occasions, such as birthday parties, a date with someone special and even a company dinner.

However, I think CW Gallery Restaurant is not only a great place to fill your tummy with delicious food but also to awaken your inner child.  It’s a great place to bond with your children too.

It is a restaurant like not other. It’s a restaurant and at the same time, a movie memorabilia art gallery.

Getting There

Take Subway Line 2 to Jeongpyeong Station. Take exit 4 and walk straight towards the orange bridge.  Cross the bridge, turn left in front of Lotte Cinema. It is the third building from Lotte Cinema. It takes 4~5 minutes from Jeongpyeong Station.

Address: Gangbyeong-ro 290 (Daepyeongdong 437-1), Gyeongsan

Business Hours: 11:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM

Tel. #: 053-812-6543

CW Gallery Restaurant in Gyeongsan
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