A Priceless Trip

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It just needs to be fun and worthwhile. Just like this short trip to Seongju that we took last weekend. This trip cost us $5.50 (PhP 270.00) each. But the fun we had while discovering another secret spot in South Korea is priceless.

The Secret Garden

Not commonly known to most foreigners, this garden is like a secret garden.  Tucked neatly away, along the road “less traveled” in Seongju, South Korea, these beautiful lily turfs (liriope muscari) only bloom for a month in summer.

Pretty lily turfs (맥문동) at Seongju’s Seongbak Forest

Hidden under the shadows of the great old willow trees, the lily turfs looked like fragile princesses protected by their knights.  They look so lovely with their green blades and purple flowers.  Bees were going crazy over them. They seemed restless but jolly.  They happily made a buzz all over the place.

A bee enjoying the sweet lily turf nectar

I spent my time admiring the beauty of nature in front of me.  Just like the bees flying here and there, I found myself in every corner of the garden, taking the best shots I could take.

Though the garden is relatively small,I think it is still worth the trip.  For me, the true essence of traveling is not really about the size of the place,  but the fact that I am there and I am enjoying being there.

If you live in a city nearby, I think it is worth visiting.  You can also visit other attractions in Seongju such as the Han-gae Village and Ara World (water leisure sports park).  You can also read my other blog about Seongju to learn more about other tourist attractions in the area.

How to Get to Seongbak Forest (성밖숲)

Take a bus to Seongju Terminal.  Get off the bus and walk towards the Nonghyup Bank.  Once you are in front of the bank, turn left and walk straight until you reach the end of that road.  Then turn right and walk straight a little bit more until you see the Caffe Pascucci. Once you see the coffee shop, you can cross the road and  find the crosswalk that leads to the entrance of the park.

(Note: If you’re coming from Daegu, you can take a subway to Daesil (대실역)and take bus 250 from the bus stop near Exit 1. )

A Worthwhile $6.00 Trip to Seongju’s “Secret Garden”
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